I’ve never seen a Spanish woman without a folding fan…

“I’ve never seen a Spanish woman without a folding fan… They fanned with the same enthusiasm as they prayed.”
–– Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier
Folding fans were introduced to Spain at the end of the 15th century after Spain due to the trade between China and other Eastern countries. Later, fans become essential for Spanish women during social intercourse—Fan for Affection, due to the religious decree.
Our designer added this fan element in the shoes, in the hope to unveil this Spanish custom. Confined by the traditional religion, affectionate men and women were reserved and could not express their affection publicly, so they conveyed their messages through fans language. For example, moving the fans fast meant “I had crushed on you”.
The stretching, folding, and moving of fans were the tacit understanding between lovers, the magical medium to express loving.